National Wildflower Week

DSC_0135DSC_0136I found out yesterday that this week just so happens to be National Wildflower Week.  We went to Bowman’s Hill Tower & Wildflower Preserve yesterday as well.  Then we went for a walk along the Delaware Canal State Park.  We have been to this area before and I created a blog post about the preserve last year.  Here are the pictures from our trip on Sunday. Enjoy & Happy National Wildflower Week!

DSC_0141DSC_0125DSC_0146DSC_0148DSC_0150DSC_0183DSC_0182 (2)DSC_0188 (2)DSC_0201DSC_0179 (2)DSC_0166 (2)DSC_0169 (2)DSC_0174DSC_0190 (2)DSC_0173DSC_0207DSC_0204 (2)DSC_0208 (2)IMG_20180506_163117DSC_0157DSC_0117 (2)DSC_0163DSC_0164 (2)IMG_20180507_152843IMG_20180506_163741IMG_20180506_164303IMG_20180506_164748IMG_20180506_164843IMG_20180506_165004DSC_0214


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