Hiking Road Trip from August 2016

A couple of years ago we went on a road trip to Seven Tubs Natural Area, Archbald Pothole State Park,  Salt Springs State Park, and New York.  Seven Tubs and Archbald feature pot holes formed over 12,000 years ago by flowing glacial meltwater.

Seven Tubs Natural Area:DSC_0045 - CopyDSC_0101 - CopyDSC_0043 - CopyDSC_0048 - CopyDSC_0049 - CopyDSC_0053 - CopyDSC_0058 - CopyDSC_0068 - CopyDSC_0079 - Copy

Archbald Pothole State Park:DSC_0107 - CopyDSC_0113

Salt Springs refers to the salt spring used by American Indians who traveled through the area.  They were unable to keep the location of the spring secret from the settlers.

Salt Springs State Park:DSC_0125DSC_0118

Finally, we decided to go to New York to grab a bite to eat for dinner since we were so close.  I had never been to New York before and since this trip, we visited a second time.  We went to Binghamton, New York where we had pizza and found an interesting train station.  When we ordered our food, hubby wanted chicken on his salad.  They asked him something about the different ways they prepare the chicken, I don’t remember exactly and of course we had no idea what they were talking about, …and then they said “you’re not from around here are you?!” We thought that was so funny and had a nice laugh. It was such a fun time! 🙂

Binghamton, New York:DSC_0129DSC_0130DSC_0132

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  1. Stephen Kohl says:

    That was a very cool trip..nice area if you ever want to check it out !!

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