Cape May Point & Cape May Wildlife Refuge


Cape May Point State Park and Cape May Wildlife Refuge are both amazing places to visit in New Jersey.  I have taken a lot of inspiring photographs at both places and created wonderful memories as well.  Hubby and I love to go shopping and eat at nice places, but for the most part we love to pack our own food and visit the parks.  If you pack food and snacks you love then you won’t be tempted to eat out.


Of course, it is hard to stay away from coffee and a sweet treat!  There are a lot of cute coffee shops in Cape May.  I love the blue hydrangeas you see everywhere down there this time of year!


Cape May Lighthouse is located in Cape May Point State Park.  This is where you can walk on the nature trails and get up close to the animals that roam there.  You can also sit on the beach, put your feet in the water, and often see dolphins.  There is no swimming at this beach.

DSC_0049 (2)DSC_0056DSC_0057DSC_0058DSC_0120

Cape May Wildlife Refuge is not far from Cape May Point.   The sand at the refuge is the softest & silkiest sand I’ve ever walked on.  Here you can walk along the nature trails and the beach.  That’s about it and all I need to be happy.  We had the park to ourselves lol.


Leave footprints of  kindness wherever you go!

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  1. Kaley says:

    Another great post!

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  2. Steve says:

    We really love it there !!!

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