Late Summer Adventures

Look at my big sweet booger, he just loves shoes.

I’m so glad the cool fall weather has arrived.  The clear blue skies are as crisp as as the falling leaves.  And I really enjoy listening to the crickets outside my window as I fall asleep at night.

DSC_0159DSC_0184DSC_0186IMG_20180918_162429We recently enjoyed a late summer walk at Thomas Darling Nature Preserve.  It’s a groundwater-fed glacial wetland.

DSC_0175IMG_20180916_143605IMG_20180916_143826DSC_0163IMG_20180916_144049We also went to Cape May one more time until next year.  I love avoiding all of the crowded areas and just visiting the nature areas.  And packing picnic food.  I especially enjoyed the sunset walk along the beach. : ) We did end up playing a round of miniature golf and I bought myself a nice ring in the gift shop.

“Wildflower walk”



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