Benjamin Rush State Park

Come with me on a nature walk to explore Benjamin Rush State Park.IMG_20181007_160016IMG_20181009_060047

This park is relatively small, but we still saw some neat things and felt great after a nice walk.  In case you’re curious, Benjamin Rush was a civic leader in Philadelphia and he also signed the Declaration of Independence.  This park is located in Philadelphia and has a community garden which I thought was so nice.

IMG_20181009_055926IMG_20181007_163607IMG_20181007_163651Here are more pictures from our walk.  I found some milkweed bugs on a milkweed seed pod.


That’s all for this trip.  On the drive home we saw two hot air balloons.  I have always wanted to go for a ride in one.  The sunset was pretty too.  Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day. ❤ 🙂


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