Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve – April 7th

Yesterday we adventured to Shenk’s Ferry for our third visit.  I read that the Dutchmans Breeches were blooming now, so I wanted to see if we could find some at the preserve.  Well there were hundreds of them covering the hillsides and they are one of the most beautiful native flowers!


Shenk’s Ferry is located near the Susquehanna River and is named after the Shenk Family, who operated a ferry across the river in the 1800’s.  The preserve is just one of the many natural areas used by Native American tribes for hunting, gathering, and farming.  There are more than 70 species of wildflowers that can be found here due to the less acidic soil in this particular area.


If you would like to see more photos from this heavenly place then check out my posts from last Spring:

First Visit to Shenk’s Ferry

Second Visit to Shenk’s Ferry

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