Camping in Cape May – Day 3

Hello everybody, our 3rd day in Cape May was beautiful.  First we enjoyed smoothies and blt crepes.  


Then we went for a walk at the State Park again.  Beach breeze, pine trees, yes please🌊🌲😊


It was so cool, I had just said that we have to keep our eyes peeled for baby bunnies.  And literally after I said that I saw something move by the trail… a baby bunny! Haha!


We saw many more wonderful things including damselflies, venus looking glass flowers, and a northern red- bellied cooter turtle.


And baby oyster catchers, awww


That’s it, we decided to head home early and I was able to clean everything up from our trip that evening.  I look forward to our next adventure to Cape May.

Have a wonderful day🐢🐢🐢

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  1. Stephen Kohl says:

    Man day 3 was excellent !!! Wish it could have been longer..but hey, we will always be back !!!

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