Longfellow Trail, Beartown Rocks, & Clarion River

We did a lot of hiking on our second day camping at Cook Forest.  First we hiked the Longfellow Trail out to Memorial Fountain built in 1950.  The 300-400 year old trees are the best part and I felt so thankful to be there.

DSC_0213 (2)








I loved that we could hike this trail right from our cabin and do a big loop back just in time for lunch.

Next we visited Beartown Rocks a short drive down the road at Clear Creek State Park.  The boulders here are as big as houses and it is one of the largest rock outcroppings in PA.






DSC_0318 (2)

The last thing we did was walk down to the Clarion River before settling in for the night.  We found chesnuts ❤ which I have never even seen before.

DSC_0351 (2)



DSC_0355 (2)


We warmed up by a lovely campfire and sipped hot apple cider.

It rained the entire trip home but it was still a lot of fun seeing the beautiful fall foliage.  We stopped at Hyner Run State Park to have lunch.  I would have liked to do more hiking, but I was happy we arrived home early.  🙂

DSC_0390 (2)

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  1. Tanya this is one of my favorite walks you have shared so far, so beautiful. I have never seen a chestnut from the forest but I have seen tiny ones in the stores. Every year we buy a bag for my 85 year old mother-in-law. She loves them because she used to roast them when she was a little girl in Italy.

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  2. Erum Baloch says:

    I really like your blog theme. Would you mind telling me which theme is that? 🙂 – I am a newbie!

    Erum Baloch

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    1. Tanya says:

      It is called Dyad 2


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