Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly garden at Shikellamy State Park.

One thing I loved learning about while visiting the State Parks was butterfly gardens.  I’m looking forward to certifying my garden.  The requirements are 3 butterfly nectar food sources, 3 native caterpillar food plants, and no pesticides used.

Butterfly bench at Hershey Gardens.

Yay!  I love that we have never used pesticides.  I plant certain herbs to keep mosquitoes at bay.  But that’s a different post.  Another post could be about how we didn’t clean up leaves last fall and how that benefits insects and birds. : )


Anyhow, I definitely know this boneset that I have talked about before is a good source of nectar for butterflies.  I recently found out that it’s not a good host for native caterpillars.  I also thought it was interesting how my plant grew like 8 feet tall, while the website says up to 6 feet.



Another good nectar source is the wild bergamot. I really love the light purple color and first saw it at one of our favorite places to walk.  How lucky I am that hubby gave me seeds for this plant last year.  I will plant them this spring.

Wild Bergamot – Wildflower Walk
Nectar source- Goldenrod
Nectar source – Mistflower
Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar enjoying the Milkweed at Little Buffalo State Park

So there we have it,  I just need to incorporate some more caterpillar food plants.  I have to check and see if any of the native plants already growing around our property are food plants.  I have New England Aster, Violets, & Milkweed seeds.  The swallowtail caterpillars love my parsley and dill too.

Can’t wait to drink sun tea and watch butterflies with Betty Boop like we did last summer.  Stay tuned to learn more about native plant gardening with me and put a big smile on your face today!


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  1. Michelle says:

    That bench is so cute!!

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