New Bird Feeder

DSC_0057 (2)
Tufted titmouse

We’ve been feeding backyard birds for 20 years and I started learning a lot more about them when we moved to the mountains.  I hung this new bird feeder, so now I can practice photographing birds.  It’s right outside the kitchen window where I do dishes and it’s so much fun watching them.  I also hang the one hummingbird feeder here in the summer.  The main feeder is near the deck and it took about a week for the birds to find this one.

DSC_0055 (2)
Female northern cardinal

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  1. Lizzy'sWritings says:

    Beautiful photos. I photograph a lot of birds out my kitchen window. We have numerous cardinals and many tufted titmouse birds in our area.

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    1. Tanya says:

      Thank you, that’s wonderful to hear. 🤗

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  2. Michelle says:

    We used to have a bird feeder right outside our living room window. The cats loved it!

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  3. Two great shots! Looking forward to even more. 😊

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  4. Yetismith says:

    The titmouse is one of my favourite visitors along with the nuthatch but I love them all.

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    1. Tanya says:

      Two of my favorites as well. 🤗


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