Healthy Yards


A healthy yard is free of toxins and has a diversity of insects.  Last year, we left the leaves and planted more native plants. We also let parts of our yard grow wild so there is less of a lawn.

One way to know your yard is healthy is seeing a lot of birds successfully nesting around you.  They need more safe places with plenty of food, water, and nesting materials.  Birds help with pest control and photo ops. 🙂

DSC_0001 (2)

Remember to hang some window stickers to protect the birds from collisions.


Creating a healthy yard is exciting! I love seeing all the interesting insects and other wildlife.  I saw two pileated woodpeckers last week at a tree stump looking for insects to eat.  I get to enjoy the beauty of the mushrooms I found on the same tree stump.  ❤ I don’t know if the bugs and mushrooms would survive there if we used harsh pesticides.


Most of the insects are beneficial to helping control the small percent of insects that are considered pests.  They also benefit our gardens by helping to pollinate plants.  It’s simply so much easier and healthier to allow a natural ecosystem to develop in our yards.

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  1. Beautiful photos and looks like a nice time to capture the beautiful scenes around your home!

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