When you see dandelions, do you see weeds or wishes?


One thing I have noticed is that our groundhog eats dandelions.  The area of our yard where I often see him grazing has no dandelions.  There are ways to control weeds and pests in our yards.  One way is to remove dandelion and clover from the yard using pesticides then groundhogs won’t show up…

I enjoy both the adorable critters and the flowers that attract them! 🙂  And making many wishes! ❤

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  1. Michelle says:

    There’s a family of groundhogs that live under my neighbor’s shed. I love watching them roam around the yard. I think they’re so cute!

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    1. Tanya says:

      Nice! Mine lives under our shed too lol They are cute! 😊

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  2. Living with nature and experiencing its various forms is a joy to be cherished!

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  3. I see wishes, such a sweet question. You only see dandelions where there are no chemicals. They are becoming rare, so sad.

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