Swatara State Park

Hubby and I really miss our trips to visit all of the State Parks. We also just love to explore new trails. So yesterday we had some time to go for a walk and I said, “Let’s see if we can find a new trail nearby.” I looked and saw a trail called Bear Hole Trail only 20 minutes from us. Our regular walking trails are 10-15 minutes away so this was perfect. When we arrived, we realized that it was part of Swatara State Park. We have been here before many years ago and the park was new so we didn’t really find much to do. We just walked around a pond and drove down a road to the fossil site. But this time we saw that a lot has changed and discovered that there are many areas of the park for us to explore. We will be going back on a regular basis because it’s a state park, it’s close by, and it’s really beautiful. Yay!

I read online that there’s a waterfall somewhere along this trail and it was probably further down than we had time for. We are looking forward to finding it on another visit. The creek was really beautiful and we walked down a side trail along side it, but had to turn around because it ended in a dense part of the woods. We talked about hubby doing some fishing and packing a lunch or dinner to bring along sometime. I usually sit in my chair and read while he’s fishing.


We walked down to the fossil site and looked around before heading back. I saw some wildflowers and felt so grateful we found our way back to this park and can enjoy it. This is exactly what inspired me to create a blog. It means so much to me to have come so far and share my passion for the outdoors with so many people. Make sure you check out what beautiful places are near you and take a chance that you’ll discover more than you expected. Every single time we go on an adventure, we come across little things that reflect back to us the love and light within and everywhere.

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