Skunk Cabbage Flower


Wildflower season has officially begun here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Today we adventured to middle creek wildlife management area to see skunk cabbage.

I captured my first photo of the odd-looking flower.  It produces its own heat up to 70° F and grows when it’s still below freezing. Bees even use it to warm up on the way to nectar sources and back to the hive.

We hiked the spicebush trail, and the temperature was 63°F. We enjoyed the first warm day of Spring.

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  1. Oh happiness! We still have snow on the ground where I am from and I can’t wait for the first blooms of the season.

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  2. Liza says:

    I had no idea about a plant that has its own heat… amazing!

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  3. JOY journal says:

    I love these plants. Even the odor kind of smells like spring. 🙂

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