Wildflower Photos

Today I’m sharing beautiful photography of native wildflowers currently blooming from the garden. I found a native vine the other day called greenbrier while we were trimming trees. Another important part of creating a healthy habitat is removing invasive plants. There’s a lot of Japanese Rose growing around us and we’ve been trimming that as…

Lightning Bugs and Glow-worms

Hey there, Today I would like to share a story about lightning bugs. I feel so lucky that we get to enjoy them every summer. Especially when we see the trees sparkling bright at their peak, and I so wish I could capture it with my camera somehow. I step outside every night to see…

Wildflower Walk – 6/18/2021

Today we went on a wonderful nature walk and saw milkweed blooming. We have a few varieties in our garden that’ll be blooming soon. I hope to see monarch butterfly caterpillars enjoying them. The one type of milkweed is bright orange, and I look forward to sharing pictures of it soon.

Summer Days

Beautiful blue skyBirds singing in the sunshineThese warm summer days ©Tanya Kohl 2021


We went hiking this morning and identified a new native wildflower called baneberry. It was such a beautiful day for exploring our favorite trail. We enjoyed the rhododendron tunnels, ferns, toads, and mushrooms.

Dune Trail

Journey to the seaSoftest sand leading the wayOcean breeze ahead © Tanya Kohl 2021

Blue Jay Haiku

Good morning Blue JayYour call is hard to ignoreLoud yet delightful ©Tanya Kohl 2021

Bee Haiku

Little buzzing beesNeed more nourishing nectarPlanet earth heroes ©Tanya Kohl 2021

Rat Snake🐍

We are enjoying our weekly walks at our favorite places, and learning about new plants and wildlife. We saw a rat snake near the lake last week. The beautiful weather is wonderful, and I’m so glad summer is here.