Drawstring Bag

Sometimes I like to make things with my hands and find it so relaxing. This basic drawstring bag is for my next road trip to the beach.🐬 It will come in handy for seashells, makeup, or snacks.🐚  I’m going to play around with this project for a while, and maybe do french seams on the…

Homemade Potpourri

Creative project of the day.🌸❣️ I collected leaves, flowers, and other natural materials over the last few years to make potpourri.  I put it in a pretty bowl🌸 and added more hyacinth & forsythia today from my walk.  It smells nice & is such a delight to look at.   “No bought potpourri is so pleasant…

Wrap Bracelet

This is how I made a beaded elastic wrap bracelet. 🌊 Several weeks ago, a local craft store was closing and I was there to buy felt.  Then I saw that the jewelry supplies were buy 4 get 4 free.  So I picked out some beads I liked and thought about making elastic bracelets. I…

Felt Easter Eggs

I made these adorable felt eggs.  I love them, they are so cute. 🤗💐🌷 “The chief enemy of creativity is “good” sense.” -Pablo Picasso

Toad House

I love making toad houses.  Many years ago, I made one using acorn tops.  I sat it in my garden and didn’t see any toads, so I thought it was just for fun and toads don’t actually use them.  A few years later, there was a broken flower pot sitting in my garden and when…

Wildflower Rocks

I picked up some paint pens and painted wildflowers on these rocks and some seashells.  I’m going to leave them at the parks we go to.  Here we have Queen Anne’s Lace, Forget-me-not, New England Aster, Geranium, Black-eyed Susan, Daisy, Bee Balm, and Hibiscus.  Now I need more rocks. 😊

Felt Owl Ornament

Pattern credit: give a hoot for the holidays We live in the woods, so we hear Great-horned Owls all winter.  That’s why I had to make this ornament for our Christmas tree.  Happy Holidays!

Cat Mint Toys

Today I made Cat Mint toys for my cats.  I used poly-fil, dried Cat Mint from the garden, and fabric.  My cats are so fun and they make me laugh a lot! 🙂 ❤