Wildflower Photos

Today I’m sharing beautiful photography of native wildflowers currently blooming from the garden. I found a native vine the other day called greenbrier while we were trimming trees. Another important part of creating a healthy habitat is removing invasive plants. There’s a lot of Japanese Rose growing around us and we’ve been trimming that as…

Foxglove Beardtongue

Foxglove beardtongue is currently blooming in our native plant garden. We have seen this plant growing along hiking trails, and picked some up last fall at the native plant sale.

Summer Wildflowers

Hello, it feels like summer is here lately. I love the sunshine and so does the garden. My well established native plants are going to flower soon. The butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects will visit once again. I planted wildflower seeds over the weekend, so I can’t wait to see them grow as well. I’ll…


Hello, Happy Thursday🌼 Foamflowers from the garden. Easy to grow early treat for pollinators.😄💗 We are on hummingbird watch. I hung up two feeders yesterday. They should be here soon. I already saw a cat bird at the feeder. They are quiet when they first arrive, but soon they will sound like cats.

Planting Wildflowers

Hi there, so one of the native plants I picked out at Bowman’s Hill is blooming, and it’s called anemone. The flower is gorgeous and I love taking pretty pictures of all the native plants. It’s exciting to create a hobby that has benefits to wildlife and the environment. Hubby rented a tiller today to…

Wood poppy & bee balm

The wood poppy I planted last week is blooming.✨💛 It’s pretty💖 Bee balm is growing, which reminds me, the hummingbirds will be here around the same time the cat birds arrive. Usually around April 25th😊💖 Hummingbirds love bee balm. Happy Monday🦋🐻🦉

Common Blue Violet

This morning I got some exercise working in the garden while listening to brown thrashers that just migrated back here. I cleaned up leaves, pulled some weeds, and cut old stems off plants. I made three trips to the compost with the wheelbarrow. It’s rewarding to see my native plants growing. The first one to…

Wildflower Walk & Native Plant Haul

We went to Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve today for their native plant sale. First, we walked around the trails to see what was blooming then we picked out some plants. If you want to grow some, then search google for native plant sales in your area. Native plant haul.💃 Anemone, cardinal flower, fringed bleeding heart,…

Snow-Covered Trees

Trees look so pretty covered in snow. The pine trees in this picture are Eastern White Pine.