Summer Days

Beautiful blue skyBirds singing in the sunshineThese warm summer days ©Tanya Kohl 2021

Dune Trail

Journey to the seaSoftest sand leading the wayOcean breeze ahead © Tanya Kohl 2021

Blue Jay Haiku

Good morning Blue JayYour call is hard to ignoreLoud yet delightful ©Tanya Kohl 2021

Bee Haiku

Little buzzing beesNeed more nourishing nectarPlanet earth heroes ©Tanya Kohl 2021

Bee Bath

Bees need sources of water to drink and collect for their hives.  They can easily drown in deep water, and a bee bath provides a safe spot for them to sit.  This is a super easy project.  All that is needed is a shallow container and rocks or other materials.  Find a good spot in…

Wildflower Bouquet

I made this Wildflower Bouquet using wildflowers growing in the woods around my home and native plants from my garden. Tall White AsterWhite SnakerootOxeyeGoldenrodNew England Aster