Wildflower Walk – 6/18/2021

Today we went on a wonderful nature walk and saw milkweed blooming. We have a few varieties in our garden that’ll be blooming soon. I hope to see monarch butterfly caterpillars enjoying them. The one type of milkweed is bright orange, and I look forward to sharing pictures of it soon.

Summer Days

Beautiful blue skyBirds singing in the sunshineThese warm summer days ©Tanya Kohl 2021


We went hiking this morning and identified a new native wildflower called baneberry. It was such a beautiful day for exploring our favorite trail. We enjoyed the rhododendron tunnels, ferns, toads, and mushrooms.

Interesting Plants at Bowman’s Hill

Today, I’d like to share a few pictures from a recent trip to Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. If you’re a plant enthusiast like me then you will enjoy learning about these unique discoveries. One of my favorite native plants is the pitcher plant that we found growing wild at Black Moshannon State Park on a…

Yellow Lady’s Slipper

We stopped by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to walk around the native plant garden. I was happy to see Yellow Lady’s Slipper blooming. It’s rare to find in the wild and one of my favorites. We also saw Jacob’s Ladder at Hawk Mountain. Here are some more pictures from our recent walks. A beautiful view along…

Canoe Creek State Park

This week is National Wildflower Week, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy a road trip on Wednesday. Our last stop at Canoe Creek was a great spot to see wildflowers this time of year. The trail to see the historic lime kilns reminded me of the wildflower preserves we’ve been to. We ate dinner…

Fringed Milkwort

Hi There, Hubby and I had a chance to go on a hiking road trip yesterday. It was so much fun and we missed doing this since our schedules changed last year. We went back to four State Parks that we needed stamps for our Passport book. The first one was Colonel Denning. We found…

Wildflower Walk – May 2, 2021

The dogwood trees are blooming, and we saw a few along the wood frog trail. Bees, spring azure butterflies, and giant silk moths enjoy it. We also saw frogs hanging out and loving the sunshine.


We saw bellwort on our walk today, and I read that one of the native bees loves it. Hubby took an awesome picture of a chipmunk. The adorable forest friend must have just woke up from hibernation.