We were happy to identify a native tree this morning on our walk. I was taking pictures and a man who was passing us on the trail told us it’s serviceberry. It feeds a lot of wildlife and is a larval host plant for many butterflies. People can eat the berries too, which look like…

Wildflower Walk & Native Plant Haul

We went to Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve today for their native plant sale. First, we walked around the trails to see what was blooming then we picked out some plants. If you want to grow some, then search google for native plant sales in your area. Native plant haul.💃 Anemone, cardinal flower, fringed bleeding heart,…

Blue Phlox

I recently found out April is now native plant month, and I already knew that the first week of May is wildflower week. I learned a few new things about planting native plants: You don’t have to own land to grow native plants. You can plant them anywhere, even if it’s in the city. The…

Trout Lily

Today on our walk, we saw trout lily, another early spring ephemeral. We have them at home, but they haven’t started flowering yet. We also saw wood ducks which we have never seen before.

Spring Beauty

Spring beauty is one of the first native wildflowers we see on our walks in April. It’s one of the perennial ephemeral plants which appear and quickly fade in the early spring season. We have seen many areas where they cover the ground like a carpet -a fantastic sight.

Spicebush – Native Shrub

In April 2019, we went camping at Raccoon Creek State Park to finish visiting all of the State Parks. We went to the wildflower preserve nearby and saw skunk cabbage, spring beauty, trout lily, and spicebush blooming. I just found out what spicebush looks like a few days ago. I remembered the picture I took,…

Skunk Cabbage Flower

Wildflower season has officially begun here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Today we adventured to middle creek wildlife management area to see skunk cabbage. I captured my first photo of the odd-looking flower.  It produces its own heat up to 70° F and grows when it’s still below freezing. Bees even use it to warm up on…

Hawk Mountain Native Plant Garden

In 2018, we stopped by Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to walk through the native plant garden. We saw trillium, wood poppy, foam flower, and bellwort. I just love the names of wildflowers.

Purple Dewdrops

We went for a lovely walk in Cape May. We identified a new plant called purple dewdrop and saw a beautiful sunset.

White Snakeroot

We recently went for a hike at Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, and we have been here before. We identified white snakeroot and saw a beautiful oak tree.