Baby Robin & Squirrel Acrobat

This morning I saw my first baby robin.  They are so cute! Every year, I find robin’s eggs in my yard and keep them until I find a new one the next year.  It’s my little tradition.  We moved here in 2009 and I’ve been doing that ever since.  We have all kinds of baby…

Curious Crab

I love the ghost crabs along the beach. There are really small ones, then there are the big ones.  They are so cute.  I love watching them come out of their burrows then when a bird flies over, they scurry back inside.  They usually run away from people too, but this curious one in the…


I first saw an oystercatcher while walking along the beach several years ago. One landed a few feet from me and I stopped to watch in amazement.  I saw babies through someone’s binoculars another year.  Now they are one of my favorite shorebirds. We saw a few on our walk the other day and I…

Dolphin Watching

Hubby and I went on a whale & dolphin watch boat our first day camping in Cape May, NJ.  I went on one before a long time ago when I was 13.  My middle school went there on a field trip and that was my first time in Cape May as well.  I fell in…

Summer Walk Poem

A warm summer morning, full of peace and wonder, to capture and write about the beauty I saw on my walk. Blue skies and soft clouds, dragonflies and sun rays, red-winged black birds calling, and wild roses along the way. Following the breeze to the sea where I find calm ocean waves, seagulls, crabs, and…

Stick Caterpillar

This is a stick caterpillar that’s been hanging out on the obedient plant for several days.  It’s one of the coolest insects I’ve seen in my garden yet!  I wonder if this is a host plant they commonly feed on?! This is the kind of awesomeness we get to see since we don’t use pesticides. …


I was so happy to see this cardinal at the feeder. He was chirping and enjoying sunflower seeds.

Baby Chipmunk

Here’s an adorable baby chipmunk stopping by the feeder for a snack.🐿️💚

Willow Tree & Turtle

Here’s my willow tree near the creek where it’s growing so nicely. I watched this turtle walk passed the willow tree over to the creek.

Squirrels & Wrens

Our squirrel friends are enjoying the seeds on the ground around the feeder.🐿️ I saw 5 at one time. Carolina wrens are nesting in the tree next to our house.🐦 They come back every year. I was sitting nearby earlier and heard the baby birds.