Crow’s Nest Preserve

Today we were spoiled by 58 degrees and a 2 mile hike at a new preserve.  The birds were happily singing in the bright sunshine and there was a small hint of spring in the air.  We have now been to 5/20 Natural Land Preserves.

Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

Today we enjoyed our 4th visit to one of the Natural Lands Trust preserves.  We weren’t sure when it would start raining according to the hourly weather forecast, but we decided to go anyway.  It started drizzling as soon as we walked out to the car to leave.  It rained harder on the way and…

Stone Hills Preserve Christmas Hike

The land this Preserve is on was donated by a man in honor of his wife.  Isn’t that sweet? It was a lot smaller than other places we have been.  We still enjoyed a nice hike and  fresh air.

Green Hills Preserve

Yesterday we visited Green Hills Preserve.  Steve grew up nearby, so it was nice to listen to him talk about his memories. This is the giant red maple tree that I couldn’t wait to see. We hiked 3 miles and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I love that we visited all of the State parks and…

Bear Creek Preserve

On Sunday, Steve and I hiked 3.5 miles at Bear Creek Preserve.  It was really beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot.  There are 20 preserves that are part of the Natural Lands Trust.  We are going to visit all of them and fill out the Find Yourself Outside Challenge for a t-shirt.  I feel…