Hickory Run & Lehigh Gorge

In 2012, we hiked and hubby did some fishing at Hickory Run State Park. I found out about Lock 22 and surprised hubby by taking him there.  He really enjoyed it.  I loved being near the river and saw Cardinal Flower growing wild for the first time.

Cowans Gap & Boyd Big Tree

At Cowans Gap State Park, we hiked about 10 miles on the Tuscarora Trail to the overlook and looped back around to where we parked. We saw this amazing leaf and critter at Boyd’s Big Tree State Park along the trail.

Little Buffalo & Reeds Gap

We visited the Butterfly Garden at Little Buffalo State Park.  A lady volunteer told us to look under the leaves of the milkweed and I found the cutest little monarch butterfly caterpillar. Then we traveled to Reeds Gap State Park to hike for a few miles.  The area where we parked was full of so…

Ricketts Glen State Park

This is one of our favorite trails to hike.  I loved that I found Blue Bottle Gentian along the trail, one of my favorite native wildflowers.  The Asters are a sure sign that fall is coming.

French Creek State Park & Glow Worms

Today we hiked 4 miles at French Creek State Park and I collected 4 different kinds of acorns. This is the time of year to see mushrooms. It was fun seeing some Paw Paw trees.  They produce the largest edible fruit native to North America. We drove home through the countryside.  I spotted this creative idea…

Canoeing at Tuscarora Lake

Yesterday was the perfect day for canoeing at the lake. I was so happy to see the lily pads up close. Tuscarora State Park is one of our favorite places to hike. We’ve been coming here since 2000. Usually we are in the woods looking out at the lake. Today we’re looking into to the…

Friday Adventure

On Friday, we went biking at Lehigh Gorge State Park and hiking at Hickory Run State Park.  We saw Purple Flowering Raspberry bushes growing in the wild for the first time.  This one was right by the waterfall. The weather was gorgeous and not too hot like it’s been lately. The Rhododendron is blooming right…

White Clay Creek Preserve

White Clay Creek Preserve is a PA State Park and it’s so beautiful!  We were here once before many years ago, I’m thinking 2008?!  We went for a really nice walk along one of the trails beside the creek yesterday.  The weather was so wonderful!

Hiking & Camping Road Trip – April 2019

Last week Steve and I went camping at Raccoon Creek State Park for a few nights.  We were able to visit 10 more state parks.  We did a lot of hiking, exploring, and I’m so happy to say that we have visited all 121 of Pennsylvania’s State Parks! 🙂  We have been working on visiting…

Sunday Hike – March 24th

Yesterday’s hike was really beautiful because there was plenty of sunshine and we didn’t have to wear our winter coats.  This trail is one of our favorite trails and we have hiked it hundreds of times.  We don’t often see anyone else, but we saw many other people out hiking on this particular day.  We…