Mountain Laurel

The mountain laurel along our driveway is blooming.  The flowers look like little umbrellas, they are pretty amazing.  Also, my phone camera takes nice photos. ☂️🌸💗🙂    

A Farm Stand With Cats

We stopped at a nice farm stand near Middle Creek on Monday.  I loved all the cats!  This one cat had extra toes on her front paws.  She was the sweetest too.  I picked up eggs, as well as swiss chard, lettuce mix, and eggplant to add to my garden.

Wildflower Walk – May 18, 2020

We enjoyed a hike at Middle Creek on Monday.  Even though the autumn olive isn’t native, we still love it’s sweet scent and visit this trail every year to see and smell it.  I love the skunk cabbage and other wildflowers too of course.  I even spotted a double mayflower.  Normally the may apple plant…

Garden Projects

We are working on two new projects for our garden.  Hubby did an awesome job digging up the grass, adding dirt, and mulching on each side of the front walkway. He found this beautiful red salamander. I planted phlox, impatiens, marigolds, and added a couple of solar lights. The second project is a spot behind…

Garden 2020

I had such a great time picking up plants and creating a beautiful garden.  I’d like to share what’s growing this year. The veggies are heirloom tomatoes, little orange tomatoes, zucchini, sweet banana peppers, orange bell peppers, and cucumbers.  I also have contender string bean seeds and salad bowl lettuce seeds to plant. My herbs…

Plant Shopping

Yesterday I picked up plants for my garden.  Happy dance!  Veggies, flowers, & herbs.  This is at our local ag center.  Then we went to Lowe’s for the rest of my list. I have fun picking out different flowers each year.  I also want to add more lights to my garden at some point. I…

Morning Walk – Wood Frog Trail

We went on a nice morning walk at the tunnel trail. We also call it the wood frog trail because that’s where we first learned about wood frogs. We found this beautiful painted rock with a wonderful message. Can you tell me the common name for this plant without looking it up?  I’ll give your…

Hummingbird Watch

This morning, hubby helped me finish preparing the veggie garden for planting.  I had already cleaned up leaves and the old weed barrier.  I’m looking forward to plating around May 15th, which is planting time for zone 6b.  I also hung up the hummingbird feeders.  We were on hummingbird watch today and they arrived right…

Wildflower Walk – April 29, 2020

This morning we walked at the same place we walked yesterday.  I brought the Nikon camera so I could take better pictures of the turtles. Bubba reminds us to take time to slow down and rest.

Morning Nature Walk

We enjoyed an early morning walk in nature today.  Feeling the sun on our faces and loving life.  What a wonderful feeling! This is an awesome walking path.  So thankful for the beautiful weather. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful week!