Shenk’s Ferry – Beauty of a wildflower!

“Man has created some lovely dwellings, some soul-stirring literature. He has done much to alleviate physical pain. But he has not … created a substitute for a sunset, a grove of pines, the music of the winds, the dank smell of the deep forest, or the shy beauty of a wildflower.” -Harvey Broome

Morning Spring Walk

Here’s a nice collection of the beauty we saw on a walk this morning.  Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge At Tinicum

I really enjoyed visiting this beautiful park. It’s the largest remaining freshwater tidal wetland near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What was once 5,700 acres is now around 1,000 acres. It’s just so beautiful and unique! I hope you will enjoy the pictures.  I was excited to see some pretty spring ephemeral flowers to photograph. This egret waved…

Skunk Cabbage

There are many interesting facts about skunk cabbage.  The one I thought was really cool is that it produces it’s own heat up to 70° F.  It’s able to grow when it’s still below freezing here in PA.  Honeybees even use it to warm up on the way to nectar sources and back to the…

Susquehannock Hike -February 2020

We recently went hiking at Susquehannock State Park.  It was a warm 51 degrees and such a beautiful day. I left one of my painted rocks along the trail. This is ruins of a homestead from long ago. This is a branch off a huge tree.  Perfect spot to sit and have a snack. The…

Middle Creek Wildflower Walk

I really enjoyed our walk today at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  It was a really beautiful day! It was really warm in the sun and much cooler in the woods.  I told hubby someone turned the AC on!

Kings Gap Garden

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center is a Pennsylvania State Park. We have been here a few times to tour the mansion and hike many of the trails.  We enjoyed visiting the garden as well and the pictures are from both summer and fall visits.

Hickory Run & Lehigh Gorge

In 2012, we hiked and hubby did some fishing at Hickory Run State Park. I found out about Lock 22 and surprised hubby by taking him there.  He really enjoyed it.  I loved being near the river and saw Cardinal Flower growing wild for the first time.

Little Buffalo & Reeds Gap

We visited the Butterfly Garden at Little Buffalo State Park.  A lady volunteer told us to look under the leaves of the milkweed and I found the cutest little monarch butterfly caterpillar. Then we traveled to Reeds Gap State Park to hike for a few miles.  The area where we parked was full of so…